25 September 2011

Ombre Hair

What else is there to do whilst your hair is covered in dye than to blog about it?! If you read my Autumn ombre nails post, I have been loving the gradient colour effect on my nails but had said I wasn't daring enough to take it to my hair.. Well I guess I thought I'd just give it a go, didn't I? 

After reading many other ombreing experiences I was intrigued, however I was most inspired when I saw a photo on the back of a book I'm currently reading, Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad, and I just fell in love. I love Lauren's simple, yet classic style and her influential, up-to-the-moment trends. I had seen her Hair How To: Tipping Out blog post but it takes a lot of guts to be able to do that, especially with to-'dye'-for hair like hers! Although the picture of her bleach blonde ombred hair looked amazing and I just had to experiment, take a look at the photo HERE!

What's not to love?! It might not be to everyone's taste but I really like it, here's how mine turned out..

In case you're wondering I used the Jerome Russell B blonde highlighting kit (for light to dark brown hair). I scrunched it into the tips of my hair and to the ends of my fringey bits, left it on for about 45 mins (this varies depending on your hair colour) washed it off and applied nourishing oil to the tips before I blow dried it, as it felt in much need of moisture after the dye! My hair is already a natural blonde, but this kit is basically a bleach, and my aim was to end up with tips lighter than my own hair colour, I think I achieved that :-)


  1. jess u look amazing! more amazing than Miss Conrad haahah ur the best =) i envy ur color i wish i was blonde lol =) super cool it loks good on u =) <3

  2. Ohh your hair looks beautiful!!! I love LC <3 Also what are you wearing on your lips? It's pretty! xx

  3. Thank you! It's MAC lip liner pencil in the colour in Dervish :-) x

  4. That looks gorgeous :) If I had longer hair I would definitely go for this!



  5. Your hair looks great! haha im guessing Ombre hair is the new trend.. everyone seems to be sporting or intending to now! :D

  6. it looks great, i think for me the thing with ombre is to get the right shade gradient :D


  7. This looks really pretty! Nice job :) xx

  8. Love your hair <3. Great blog, now following :).

    Sadie x



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