11 September 2011

Rockin' Velcro Rollers

When it comes to creating any style in my hair, nothing seems to be achievable. Although I'm lucky to have sleek, fine hair, it is actually quite heavy and anything I try to do, drops out straight away, only the slightest bit annoying!

I have used velcro rollers in the past and after not having much luck, I gave up. I have since decided to give it another go and purchased the Trevor Sorbie Self-Grip Roller set, containing 30 various sized velcro rollers. After a couple of uses, I've found it really lifts my hair at the roots, creates huge volume, bounce and texture. Many of you might be looking at the photos thinking, it doesn't look anything special, but for my hair, this is a BIG difference!!

This is how I 'roll' ;-) 
After washing hair, apply volumizing mousse to roots and blow-dry until almost done, leaving the hair slightly damp.
♥ Apply the rollers. I like to use the largest on the crown of my head. I make a line of rollers starting from the front of my head all the way to the base of my neck. I pull the hair up, apply the roller to the tips of the hair and pull backwards tightly to the roots.
♥ I take sections each side, using medium and smaller sized rollers, working from the top down.
♥ I hold each roller in place with a kirby grip/bobby pin to secure it while it sets.
♥ When I've finished the whole head, I spray over with a flexible but strong hairspray and leave for about 30 minutes.
♥ After 30 minutes, I remove all of the pins and gently pull each roller out, starting at the top of my head. Once all the rollers are removed, I ruffle my hair and apply another light spritz of hairspray for extra hold!

I hope that my description makes some sense, but if you don't quite understand, you should get the gist of it by looking at the first photo! Remember, everybody's hair is different, so it might work differently for you, I'm no expert on styling hair but I've just found this way works best for me. Although it doesn't really curl my hair, it does give it lift, which is what the rollers claim to do. 

Let me know if you give it a try!



  1. You're so gorgeous! I just bought some velcro rollers last week, was struggling on how to use them, thankyou! :) xx


  2. oh god im gonna buy these rolls soon! you look incredibly gorgeous in this post! wow =D i envy ur hair really! love the pics u take so much! i want to see more pics in ur blog posts hahaha =) <3 such rolls are very big i think hair will come out to be loose lovely curls =) nice post sweety!

  3. wow, you look amazing even with roller's in!
    I attempted velcro roller's once and failed but i might try again after seeing this :-) xx

  4. The first picture is so glamorous! I love it! Alas, rollers and I are not friends. I even went through beauty school and found them fabulous and easy to use on clients, but on myself...it's like my hair doesn't want to co-operate! :-(

  5. i swear by velcro rollers, i love them. especially because i'm trying not to use straightners or curling irons. my hair is really fine as well and this is the only way i can it to hold :D


  6. I could not comment from my phone last night, so here i am back to say, i look absolutely fabulous, love ur top makeup and everything, also thanks for this post :) <3


  8. Your hair looks great! Might have to try these rollers :).

    Totally Chic


  9. that first picture is so pretty :)
    I have short hair so I've never used rollers, I'm rubbish with hair which is why I have it short!!



  10. your blog is so sweet and darling. love some of your posts.
    check my blog out and maybe we can follow each other?

    kaitlin xo


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