21 September 2011

Perfume collection

Apart from makeup, fragrance is probably the next thing I have an unhealthy obsession for. It's going to take me years to get through the bottles I have, but still I continue to add to it! I always keep a few on display, and I have grouped these together obviously for the pinky colour scheme, they all tie in quite well together, and also because they are the prettiest to look at! Different coloured, not so attractive bottles I have, I keep stored away in the cupboard.

How cute is this mirrored perfume tray?! I have longed for one of these for a while and found this beauty in a little knick-knack store for a bargain price. Even though they say perfume should be stored away from sunlight and kept in a cool, dark place to help prevent the scent and colour from changing, I can't help but have them on show!

You can see the video of my complete perfume collection HERE!

What's in your perfume collection? Do you have an all time favourite?



  1. Such a pretty display! I've been looking for the perfect perfume for years now, but am still looking.

  2. I would love to find a beautiful mirrored perfume tray! Where did you find yours? I have so many perfumes I don't know what to do with all of them LOL.

    PS -- Did you change up the design of your blog? I like it!!

  3. @Jenn Thank you! I know hehe, I'm constantly changing my mind! :)

    @Mandy I got mine from 'Raspberry Village' I think they only have 3 shops in the UK :( Yep I did, hehe thank you!

  4. i keep my perfumes on my dressing table which is in a bay window i know they shouldnt be out in the sun but nevermind, i think i would forget otherwise :S


  5. I absolutely love Nina Ricci's perfumes! xx


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