10 September 2011

Oasis Beauty

I was a very lucky winner of a very generous giveaway a few months back, from the lovely Shannon (check out her blog here!) She had teamed up with Oasis Beauty to hold a giveaway, the prize being an Oasis Beauty at home facial kit. I was extremely excited to be told I was the winner, and having never tried any products from Oasis Beauty before, I couldn't wait to give them a go!

The kit contains a Tropical Fruit Smoothie facial exfoliant, a Honey & Berry face mask and a gentle facial brush and although it has been designed for oily skin, the exfoliant is suitable for all skin types and the mask suitable also for normal/combination, which is my skin type. 

I felt as if I should use the products for a good couple of weeks before I could give an honest review, I've probably been using them for the past month or so now. I have been using the exfoliator a couple of times a week, in conjunction with the brush. I have to say it smells delicious and leaves skin feeling silky smooth afterwards. The mask I have used once a week, and having not used a face mask for a really long time, it felt extremely luxurious and again after use, left my skin with a lovely radiant glow!
Overall, I'm really impressed with these Oasis Beauty products I've tried so far. You can take a look at what else they have to offer here! Once again a huge thank you to Shannon for holding this giveaway!


  1. congratz on winning jess! oh my god lucky you this is a very nice prize! facial mask and they gave u also the applicator brush? great!

  2. i love doing things like this, i try and do a face mask once a week but it doesnt always work out :S


  3. Yay :) i'm so glad you seem to like the products! The pictures look great xx


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