2 September 2011

21 years young..

I had an amazing birthday, although unfortunately, I spent a whole 9 hours at work my actual day of birth (Boo!). However, over the Bank Holiday weekend, we celebrated with a huge family get together and lots of good food, including my birthday cake (pictured above), a chocolate orange sandwich sponge (YUM!) which me and mum made all by ourselves.

I received lots of lovely presents, my main ones being a new Pandora bracelet and charms to go on it, you can watch my birthday haul video HERE! As well as lots of special messages and wishes, which to be completely honest, and selfish, is one of the best part of birthdays as it's the only day of the year which is really all about YOU!

My celebrations are still continuing, Sunday we are heading out to Cafe Rouge, a restaurant we go to for every family birthday, the food is just devine. I might just add a few more photo's to this post later, but I wanted to get it up before my birthday is long gone..

Just thought I'd share a few memories of my special day with you all :-)



  1. Happy birthday! 21 comes and goes so qucikly. I'm already feeling old as my next birthday is my 24th, yikes!

  2. happy birthday!
    awesome blog :) i'm following u, follow back?


  3. glad your having a great time :D


  4. again happy birthday and hey love the bracelet and also the cake with those sweets yummy! are the chocolate english?


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