11 July 2011

A pricey replacement..

One of my favourite lip glosses in my collection is a very old, Glimmer Gloss from The Body Shop, which I purchased many years ago! It is now on it's last legs, I have the tiniest amount remaining but I am refraining from using it up because it was later discontinued! 

I was on the hunt for a long time, trying to find an exact match but ended up choosing a shade very different. I always make an excuse to buy something from duty free at the airport and whilst wondering around, I came across the YSL counter, where I discovered the next best thing to replace my ancient and much loved lipgloss. 

L-R YSL Touche Brilliance 5, The Body Shop Glimmer Gloss

The YSL version is a definite coral shade, but still has the gorgeous sheen to it, although it is a lot more costly at £24.50 a pop (I paid slightly less in duty free). However, the quality is amazing and the packaging is very similar in that it is in a 'pen' form, where you pump one end to release product on the brush at the other. It is very durable and it also smells really fruity, I hate those lip glosses with an awful plastic-like scent, yuk!

All in all, I'm very happy with my new find, even if it is a little more expensive, I just hope YSL don't discontinue their's any time soon!



  1. That is such a gorgeous colour. Love your blog and youtube too :D


  2. I love YSL products so much. It's devastating though to my wallet! Haha.

  3. love this colour :) visit my blog sometime .. follow if you like .. www.brandsanddesigners.blogspot.com

  4. That is a very lovely colour. Sucks to hear it was discontinued.. i hate when that happens :(
    Hmm, have you tried looking at Elf products? I remember years ago, ELF had a similar looking pen- lip gloss with several pinky shades?

  5. Can't believe they discontinued the Body Shop gloss, it's such a pretty colour! However, the replacement is equally as gorgeous even if it is a little harsh on the funds!

  6. pretty. xo

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  7. I can't believe that The Body Shop discontinued this! You should check out Ruby and Millie in Boots- they have similar lip-glosses and in the similar shade to your one, but they're being discontinued too so there's only a bit of stock left. There's 75% of Ruby and Millie products so it's only £3 for a lip-gloss! xxx

  8. Both of the colors look really nice!



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