5 June 2011

CLOSED! THANK YOU! 100 followers giveaway!

I have recently just reached 100 followers on my blog and I cannot thank you all enough for your support! I promised a giveaway, so here it is! One lucky winner will receive an OPI Pirates of the Caribbean mini nail lacquer set, containing 4 polishes from the collection, 
'Skull and Crossbones' a very light grey, 'Planks A Lot' an lavender purple, 'Sparrow Me The Drama' a pretty pink and 'Stranger Tides' a pale sage green, 
all in the cutest 3.75ml size bottles!

Any entries that are now made will not be counted!

Don't forget, you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to me on YouTube for future giveaways and updates!

Good luck to all of you and thank you all again for your support!



  1. Congrats, and to lots more subscribers to come!

    I'll be wearing both corals and yellows this summer, my current favorite is China Glaze 'Lemon Fizz' nail polish :)


  2. Hey jess :) nice giveaway and congrats on your reaching 100 blogger followers! =)
    Ok, for this summer I would like to wear an orange color coz it gives me a fresh idea about summer. and it's very trendy these days! I'll use rimmel london sunyn side 440 from the 60 seconds collection. I just love that orange!

    my e-mail : amysoul84@gmail.com

    Good luck everyone! =) <3

  3. I will be experimenting alot this summer, usually I go for a summery coral on my nails, but I'm loving mint green at the moment! I also like having a different colour on my "ring" finger which is becoming a big craze this summer!! Also well done Jessica I'm loving your blogs and you videos looking forward to seeing and reading more!! :) -Kay

  4. Well done on the followers! :) This summer, I will be wearing 17's 'Pink Lemonade' on my nails! But I'm looking out for a pretty coral colour! :)

    I follow via GFC as hannah. and my email is hannah_in_pyjamas@msn.com

    Thank you! :) xxx

  5. Hi Jessica

    I will be wearing an orangey/coral on my toes alternating with hot pink. I will be going pale on my nails - I do like the Stranger Tides nail polish you showed. Always wear OPI as for me it is the only one that can withstand the abuse in the chemistry lab!


    Good luck everyone!

  6. I'll be wearing lot's of bright colours this summer, like pinks and corals which i LOVE because they look really nice on tanned skin, and i'm kinda into green, minty colours, they are so pretty and fun!I'm wearing at the min Bourjois 10 days no chip nail polish in shade 16 which is a coral pink colur and its sooo beautiful :))) Your awesome Jessica, keep up the good work! :))
    my e-mail - ljubicicana@hotmail.com

  7. I've gone a bit mad for nail art, so this summer I'll be wearing lots of crazy things on my nails, but I love polka dots and I'm also going to by some fimo canes to stick on my nails :)

    congratulations on 100 followers, and my email is... annaBoo_@live.com

  8. congrats :) think i'll be wearing some pretty golds and glitters. loving pastels with glitter top coat right now! eep. xx


  9. Hi, Jessica!
    I'm from Argentina, and Summer has just left our country. I've used mostly corals and greens.

    Congrats on reaching the 100 followers mark!


  10. I wear different pink or red during summer, and for summer 2011 I would love to wear Sparrow me the Drama !

    Congrats for your followers, here is one more :D


  11. Here is my entry!! :)

    This summer Im wearing neutrals (black, grey, taupe) in my nails except for one! The ring finger or middle fingernail will have a neon pop of colour! (electric blue, red, fluorescente yellow or glitter!) Im very dark skinned so Im keeping the colors very subtle :)

  12. Hey jessica good day!
    I will be wearing warm colors like brown, orange, red and so on I have a medium skin tone and i like calm nail polish colors I love puple. But it will be great to win your contest. Congrats on your 100th suscribers and keep it up because you will achieve great things.

  13. During the summer months I love wearing ElePhantastic Pink and Party In My Cabana both by OPI.
    Email- joni.smith.iphone@gmail.com
    Thank you for a great contest!!

  14. Enter me please :)

    This summer I will be wearing a mixture of coral, pink and red.

    Coral - to represent the summer, bubbly and happy side of me. P
    Pink - understated yet subtle to wear to work
    Red - on my toes, concealing my flirtatiousness


  15. Congrats on 100+ follwers
    Current summer favourite is Topaz from Boots Natural Collection. I am a GFC & twitter follower and my email can be found on my blog

  16. Hi I will be wearing coral with a shimmer of gold in on my nails this summer. Well done and keep it up. Many thanks from ezziebezzy@hotmail.com

  17. Congrats first to your (now more than) 100 followers!
    In this summer I wear...all kinds of colours! From sexy red, to creazy blue and spectacular green over natural colours! Adorable are ANNY 388 ocean blue, ANNY 070 secrets, ANNY 327 my darling and OPI Jade is the new black!
    Lots of :-*


  18. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! This summer I'll be wearing lots of coral colours and maybe a few pinks.


  19. Congrats :D

    This summer, i'll be wearing Pastel colors ;) as baby Pink or baby blue.


  20. Congrats on 100 Followers, I can't wait to reach mine and throw a giveaway too :)

    These Summer, I will wear some nail art definitely. Colors for this Summer, for me, it will be pink, yellow, orange and (always) blue :)


  21. I will be wearing lots of bright colors. I really am into pinks and oranges this year. I have my eye on Essie Turquoise and Caicos though, I love that color blue.


  22. barry m- berry ice-cream and pink flamingo
    well done! on 100

  23. congrats hun :) i will be wearing loads of bright colours this summer, i have a lovely mint colour and i will defo be trying out those paw prints you did in one of your videos!!!


    love saz xxx


  24. Congratulations on reaching your goal:)Thanks for doing a giveaway!
    I will be wearing bright tropical colors and pastel colors, especially blues and pinks because they're my favorite colors.
    my email is jeuxd.enfants@yahoo.com

  25. Im going into winter now, because i live in Australia :( But during summer I was obsessed with China Glaze's For Audrey, and Essie's borrowed and blue! They're amazing colours.

    Congratulations on the 100 followers :D xx

  26. I am already wearing Avon's Sunshine with some gold polish over the top. Very summery!

    100 followers, yay! Congratulations and keep up the good work :)

    glamorouxx (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. Congratulations On Reaching 100 Followers:)
    I Will More Than Likely Be Wearing My Eyeko Coral Polish Because I Love The Colour, It's Bright Which Is Great For Summer:)

  28. I will probably wear OPI teenage dream a lot this summer or any bright nail polish colors.

  29. Well done!
    The colour I'll wear is turquoise on toes (sky blue or something from rimmel but can't remember and have lent to a friend!) and bright cool toned pinks on fingernails.



  30. Wow Congrats on 100 Followers!!! and thanks for the giveaway ( It is AWESOME!!!!) I will be wearing lots of Neon Colors this Summer!!! Like 24/7 from Sinful Colors.... I love it!!!

    Forgot my email in the last post LOL



    Hmm, I'm probs going to be wearing Kung-fu Panda by BYS on my nails a lot. It's winter here, so it'll be a pop of colour, though I actually like wearing this all year round cos it's so bright and fun, but it's blue, so it goes with most things. For reference, it's supposedly a dupe for For Audrey, the Tiffany and Co colour, which I personally think it's super close to it. :)


  32. Congratulations for 100 followers!!!

    I love colorful nail polish for summer like hot pink.


  33. congrats on reaching 100 followers. I will be wearing bright pastel shades a reckon, at the moment i have on Essie's Haute as Hello and its a nice colour (although application isn't the best).


  34. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!!
    Although it is not summer here in Australia, the shades I will be wearing during the summer are corals (Essie tart deco) and mints (china glaze re-fresh mint). I would also wear a light blue colour (Essie borrowed and blue).

    e-mail: anna.choong@hotmail.com

  35. Congrats on all of your followers Jess! So nice of you to do this giveaway. This summer I am going to be wearing corals & pinks on my nails.


  36. hey jessica! well, cus i live in australia, summer is at the end of the year for me... but summer nail colours to me = bright, fun, and fresh!
    congratulations on 100 followers and the success of your youtube channel aswell! my current fav colour is OPI "elephantastic pink"!



  37. I cannot wait to wear light peachy nudes, they look fab with a tan! But i also wanna branch out with some amazing brights.

    Congratulations on both your YT and blog, you've got a great channel & i enjoy watching your vids very much so :)xxxxx


  38. Yay!!! I am sooo glad that the contest is finally here. I have really been looking forward to it. I love what you have chosen for your giveaway, as I am a HUGE FAN of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN! These colors are amazing, and I love the names for them. lol I want to say congrats to you first of all on your 100 subbies and I would like to say good luck to everyone that has entered, but I can't help but hope that I win. lol Sorry guys. Ok, so for what color nails I like for the summertime, I like really bright colors and pastel colors. I also like to use little nail decals and jewels. I feel that summertime is a bright and shiny time, so we need to be bright and shiny as well. You can find me on my blogspot at candysoswt.com or email me at mcswtcandy@aol.com if i win. SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! xoxoxo

  39. This summer i will be wearing mushroom by Barry M.


  40. I would love to wear an orange colored nail polish during summer...Love orange!!!
    GFC : Dream Makeup
    Email : jytan_92@hotmail.com
    Thank You...

  41. I will definitely be going with corally colours and maybe a few bright blues and greens to go with my pretty new summer dresses :)
    Lovely giveaway, enter me pleassyy :)
    GFC: Izzy

  42. This Summer I will use my top nail polishes!They are amazing and colorful,absolutely perfect for Summer!Their colours are green,yellow and red,the top summery colours!Maybe I will use some glitter nail art polish,glitter and stickers,to make my nails cooler and more original!So that's what I'm gonna be wearing on my nails this Summer...Have a nice holiday!!!Thanks for this big gift that you made us,this giveaway contest is amazing,this would be a cool birthday present!THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!WE LOVE YOU ALL!xx
    HERE'S MY CONTACT:SpotlightGirl@live.it

  43. I will be wearing Revlon summer pack i just picked up.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!


  44. I will be wearing pink pink and pink! I love Something Sweet by China Glaze and Get Me to the Taj on Time by OPI.

  45. nice giveaway! , and congrats!
    i will be wearing all kinds of colors blue,pink,lilac just all pretty colors


  46. Hiya!

    Just stumbled across your blog and YouTube and I love them both. Well done on the followers and subscribers.

    I'll be wearing yellows and corals on my nails this summer with ring fingers painted different colours (I love doing this recently) really want to try out Chanel Mimosa!

    Much Love,


  47. Congrats on your first 100 followers!

    I am currently going through a massive blue stage! I've had exams in the last few days and needed to wear pale, neutral colors on my nails, and all I could think about was a nice and bright blue. I feel that it's such a happy and positive color!

    I follow your blog via GFC as irina and my email address is iry_nook@yahoo.com

  48. Congrats on 100 followers!!!

    So this summer I'm pretty sure I will be mainly wearing bright colours... right now I have on a pearly white colour, thinking of painting them pink soon... maybe a light lemon yellow or a light blue... colours of summer <3

    I thought I was already following your blog but I guess I thought wrong, so I am now following it... my GFC is Candy (CandysMindCave) my email: ashm87@hotmail.com

  49. Congrats! I'll definitely be wearing a lot of pastels this summer to compliment my tan!

    Following you :) ashleyborysewich@gmail.com

    Also, be sure to check out my giveaway for a Smathers and Branson Headband here (valued at $49!) if you're interested :)

  50. This summer I plan on mixing it up with lots of beautiful pastels, an occasional bright color, and of course a variety of pinks! I've already started with a yellow, a "muted" neon green, pastel purple, hot pinks, and the new black shatter - which will be replaced for the entire summer by white once I get it!! These OPI colors you are giving away are so cute - I saw them on the makeup counter the other day - so tempting!!

    love your blog!

  51. Hey Jessica! Thats absaloutly fantastic news!
    I unfortunately don't have facebook, your OR
    Twitter but of course I do have a blog and so
    I definitely follow you on that! Anyway,
    That's great news, you really deserve it!
    I,ll wearing light colours, coral.. Fresh!
    Well done and good luck everyone!
    Love Ali

  52. Whooo! Congrats to you Jess! (: I'm glad I'm helping to support someone like you! This summer I'll probably be wearing "Lily" or "Cloud" from Revlon's new line of scented nail polishes! I love the pastel colours... no, I'm in love with them! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I've seriously been wanting this set for so long!


  53. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! I love your blog and youtube. I'll be wearing Essie's Mintcandyapple, I just purchased it a few days ago, it's a great shade. Thanks for the competition, the prize looks great. xxxx

    Makeup Confidential Blog

  54. Congrats on making the 100 mark! And thank you for the giveaway...

    I will be wearing some peach and gold colour!


  55. Congrats on hitting 100! I will be wearing all colors this summer. I am a new polish addict and just starting a collection and have been trying all colors and holos. I love the shatters and have been wearing them alot lately.

  56. Hello, congrats on the 100 followers mark, I dont really know what i´ll wear, but now i´m wearing tickle me francy, and loving it.

  57. Gongratulations on hitting 100! This summer I am most likely to be wearing 60 seconds nail polish in 'Sky high' its blue with a green tingy colour and its not a glittery colour, its just a plain block colour! its really nice, or maybe I'd wear BarryM in 'Bright pink'
    Email: Ambercleeve83@hotmail.com

  58. I usually don't wear polish, but when I do, I wear white. I feel like it goes with anything you wear. And it goes with any season. You could add a little design on your nails if you wanted! :D Thank you so much for this giveaway
    -xoxo- Brendalynn

  59. Yay!! i love nail polish especially opi!

    i will be wearing any colour shatter! so far blue and alpine snow my favourite! i hope i win :)


  60. hi! congrats!!!
    i am so addicted to nail polishes...hope i cud win here... ;)

    the colors that i would be wearing this summer are pastel colors..like torquiose, shades of pink, baby yellow, lilac.. ;)



  61. I'll wearing CHANEL mimosa nailpolish!

    Ana Belén R.M

  62. Congrats on all the followers! I really need a coral colour but I have yet to find the perfect one.


  63. hey great giveaway!!!
    email: szkjan@hotmail.com
    fb; sadaf qureshi
    twitter: @szkjan
    my nails are in love with nailart ;) so i will be wearing fruity colors yellow, orange, pink with art on them ^^

  64. Congrats<3

    This summer I'll be wearing Rage by Orly which is a gold color. I'll be wearing Rumples Wigins by OPI and Coral Reef by Essie


  65. congrats on your followers!
    enter me please,
    i love barry m "coral" its so lovely for summer days
    just found your youtube also, subscribing :o)



  66. I've been wearing a lot of pastels so far, but I'm still looking for the right coral for me. But since there are so many suggestions among your comments I'm sure I'm gonna find one soon.
    Love your YT channel!


  67. I will be wearing Barry M Berry Ice Cream on my nails! I LOVE that colour :)

  68. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!
    I'm a follower with username estherlke.

    This summer I'll be wearing something different with yellow polish as the base and China Glaze black mesh for a great shatter effect so that it pops =))

    And If I win the giveaway, hopefully to wear the lavender purple as the base with the pretty pink at the tip like a french manicure!!

    *crossing my fingers*

    Thanks a lot!

  69. This summer, I'll be wearing Revlon's new pastel colours with a sprinkle of glitter with Andrea Fulerton's silver Stripe and Sparkle!

    Well done on the 100 followers!



  70. I think this Summer I will be wearing Last Friday Night from OPI's Katy Perry collection. This colour is a blue glitter but it's not a very bright blue, so I put a base coat of Hook Me Up which is a very bright matte blue. And to finish off I put Barry M's pink shatter. The overall effect is very bright and fun, perfect for summer.
    My eamil is: antonellacuccurullo@gmail.com

    xox Antonella

  71. congrats :) for summer, I'll be wearning a peach colored Skin Food nail polish


  72. Congrats on hitting 100 followers.

    This summer, I'll be wearing yellow, pink or coral nail polish, with some nail art. :)

    Thanks alot for this giveaway. :)

  73. Hi, this summer i'll be wearing all kinds of colorfull nailpolishes!
    Blue, yellow, green... etc!


  74. Hi from Spain!!

    This summer, I´ll be wearing coraland flour colors, I love them!!

    GFC name: bambaki83
    Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com


  75. Congrats!
    I've been recently obsessed with mint green polish, so i'll be wearing China Glaze's refreshmint a lot.

    email: lbw0046@unt.edu

  76. Hey !

    This summer I'll be wearing "Big hair Big nails" from OPI .In love with this dark coral colour !

    Email : yasmine.tle@hotmail.com

    Thanks for this giveaway,xxx from a french subie :)


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