27 March 2011

Review: Blinc mascara - It did not let me down!

This mascara has been one of my most used products for the past year, so I think its about time it deserves a blog post of it's own!

Blinc claims that once tried, it will be the only mascara you will ever want to use, and for me, that is completely true! I haven't touched another mascara since making this little discovery! (Only Clinique's bottom lash mascara, but that's an exception!) 

Blinc also claims that their 'innotive' mascara is water resistant, easy to apply, wear and remove. They also state 'it will not smudge, smear, run, flake or clump!'.
Now, I have tried many mascaras in my time, and those that claim to be waterproof, actually aren't and you still end up with the 'panda eyes' effect, not a good look!
This product literally does what it says on the tin (or tube!)

Unlike other branded mascaras, when applied, Blinc forms little tubes around each individual eye lash and this is what makes it so unique. When you are ready to remove it, Blinc advise to not use any eye make up removing products, but instead to use warm water and gentle friction with cotton pads, face cloths or your own fingers and see for yourself how the tubes 'slide' off your eye lashes!

I have recommended this mascara to many of my clients and it seems to have been extremely popular, however, there have been mixed reviews. The only negative feedback there seems to have been is the way you have to remove the mascara.
Some people have just found it too fiddly or haven't liked the method that is advised.
Each to their own, it personally doesn't bother me because it is such a good product! I don't mind spending a few more minutes removing it at the end of the day when it gives long lasting results!

Available in 6 different colours, black, dark blue, dark brown, medium brown, dark purple and dark green, there is a mascara to suit everyone! Blinc's range also includes a 'slide off' liquid eye liner, an eye primer, an eye brow mousse and an eye lash curler.
Go and have a look for yourself!

''Blinc will not let you down!''

Has anyone tried products from this range before? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Oh I tried the green one. It's pretty easy to take off although sometimes I thought I rubbed my lashes off, then to realise they are the 'tubes'!


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