27 February 2011

Splurge or Steal? Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 Eye Liner Set

So I have been 'umming and arring' over this ever since it went on sale..

Urban Decay released a set of their best selling eye liners to celebrate their 15th year anniversary, 9 of them being original favourites, and the other 6 are brand spanking new colours that aren't even available to purchase separately! Plus, you also get a eye pencil sharpener! 

Having never actually tried an Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner (I know, right?!) I was a bit sceptical about spending £60 for 15 of them! However, I have read and watched so many great reviews about this set and knew I'd regret it if I didn't buy one as they are limited edition! The set has an overall value of £195, all eye liners are full size, usually retailing at £13 each, you actually save a whopping £135 with this set!

See what you think..

L-R: Baked, Midnight Cowboy, Bourbon, Stray Dog, Corrupt.

 L-R: Electric, Binge, Uzi, Stash, Mildew.

L-R: Asphyxia, Ransom, Rockstar, Zero, Perversion.

STRAY DOG- Shimmery brown taupe (Limited edition)
CORRUPT- Dark metallic brown with silver sparkle (Limited edition)
BOURBON- Brown with teeny gold glitter (Original)
MIDNIGHT COWBOY- Beige with gold sparkle (Limited edition)
BAKED-Bold bronze (Original)
STASH- Dark green/gold (Original)
MILDEW-Deep green (Original)
PERVERSION- Blackest carbon black (Limited edition)
ELECTRIC- Bright aquamarine (Original)
BINGE- Navy Blue (Original)
RANSOM-Bright iridescent purple (Original)
ASPHYXIA- Pinky iridescent purple (Limited edition)
ROCKSTAR- Darkest eggplant (Original)
ZERO- Zealous black (Original)
UZI- Gunmetal with grey sparkle (Limited edition)

My verdict? These 'glide on' liners literally glide on! They are incredibly soft and creamy, extremely smudge and waterproof and they give intense colour. Why haven't I tried these before?! I think that £60 is a lot of money for this, but considering how much you'd save if you purchased them individually, it is well worth it!

What does everyone think? Have you purchased the set? And if so, do you feel its worth the money?



  1. These look great, I hope they are still on sale! Where did you get them?
    I was just watching your youtube channel. I think you have great knowledge and your stunning. I am your latest addict!
    --Ali xx

  2. They really are fab! I got them from Debenhams, I'm pretty sure they're not on sale any more, but you could give Ebay a try, although they'd probably be a bit more pricey!
    Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed my videos, I've just filmed another one! I'm also having an Urban Decay NAKED palette give-away on there when I reach 1,000 subscribers if you're interested!
    Jessica xx

  3. Hey I ordered these the other day and can't wait to get them. I have some colours already and they are well with the money :) x

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  5. i love urban decay..you should try there eye-shadow primmer its amazing.. love your you tube videos by the way X


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